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The Legitimacy of Financial Profits. New Comparative and Historical Perspectives on the Dynamics of Financial Capitalism
29. - 31. Januar 2019

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Call for Proposals for Up to Three PhD Scholarships - Monetary Orders in Capitalist Modernity

Founded in 1984, we are an independent and privately funded research institution in which social scientists from different disciplines work on politically and historically relevant topics. From the very beginning the research focus of the institute was on phenomena of macro-violence, the theoretically ambitious publications by members of the institute were well received and widely acknowledged. Although the topic of violence will remain on the research agenda of the HIS, new themes will also take center stage such as the problems of democracy and statehood or the structural features of contemporary capitalism - all to be dealt with in a comparative perspective whenever that is possible.

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22. Jan
19:00 o'clock iCal
The Shimmering Moment of Disclosure: Vulnerability and Sharing Experiences of Sexual Violence
HIS at home
HIS at home
Type  Lectures and discussions
HIS at home
29. Jan
19:00 o'clock iCal
The Legitimacy of Financial Profits. New Comparative and Historical Perspectives on the Dynamics of Financial Capitalism

Hosted by Sascha Münnich, University of Göttingen.

HIS at home
HIS at home
HIS at home
29. Jan
19:00 o'clock iCal
Sanctioning Capitalists — Protecting Capitalism. Control of Corporate Misconduct from Prosecution to Financial Settlements
HIS at home
HIS at home
Type  Lectures and discussions
HIS at home

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Ann Cahill (Elon University, North Carolina) spricht auf Einladung unserer Forschungsgruppe Makrogewalt am 22. Januar @his_hamburg um 19 Uhr über "Sexual Violence" (in englischer Sprache). Es moderiert Laura Wolters. https://t.co/yJCNwzIfzc
#Rückblick 2018: Im Okt. hält unser Autor Michael Mann als 1. Träger des Siegfried-Landhuts-Preises 2 Vorträge @his_hamburg Vorträge zum Nachschauen https://t.co/lvSYJmk0B7 / https://t.co/nIDpoRWdl4 Mehr über Mann & "Die dunkle Seite der Demokratie" https://t.co/c9zOCBPZ9qhttps://t.co/aqVAiaGlMa
Interessantes Gespräch, interessantes Themenheft. Unter den BeiträgerInnen auch aus @his_hamburg Historikerin @Claudia_early4 Wann ist der Krieg vorbei? und Soziologe W. Knöbl »Was bedeutet eigentlich Gewalt?« https://t.co/2PjIcJNYUahttps://t.co/Hc2oiowfPX

The Research Groups at HIS

Democracy and Statehood

The research group is engaged in developing new perspectives on the relationship between democracy and statehood in Europe. We are utilizing approaches grounded in historical, sociological, and political theory to conduct comparative studies of regions in Europe, particularly its southern periphery, and to reconsider old questions.


The work of the research group focuses on phenomena of violence that have immediate repercussions on the structure of entire political and social systems—this is what is meant by the concept of macro-violence. The group investigates empirical and theoretical issues and considers different regions of the world, sometimes comparatively.

A look into the Archives

The Archives select material from the special collection on Protest, Resistance, and Utopia in the Federal Republic of Germany, focusing on various topics for presentation to visitors to the Institute.

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New Books


Hedwig Richter/Kerstin Wolff (Hg.)

Frauenwahlrecht. Demokratisierung der Demokratie in Deutschland und Europa

Christian Joppke

Der säkulare Staat auf dem Prüfstand. Religion und Politik in Europa und den USA

Stephanie DeGooyer/Alastair Hunt/Lida Maxwell/Samuel Moyn

Vom Recht, Rechte zu haben

Dave Elder-Vass

Profit und Gabe in der digitalen Ökonomie

Harriet Scharnberg

Die »Judenfrage« im Bild. Der Antisemitismus in nationalsozialistischen Fotoreportagen

Journal Mittelweg 36

Current edition

Mittelweg 36

Führen und Folgen. Autorität in der Demokratie

Heft 6 | Dezember 2018/Januar 2019

Dass das Verhältnis von Demokratie und Autorität ein spannungsgeladenes ist, wussten schon die alten Griechen, steht der demokratische Anspruch auf gleichberechtigte Mitbestimmung aller doch unweigerlich in Widerspruch zu der Vorstellung freiwilliger Über- und Unterordnung, wie sie für die Idee der Autorität charakteristisch ist.
Vor dem Hintergrund der aktuellen populistischen Herausforderung der liberalen Demokratie unternimmt das aktuelle Heft historische und politiktheoretische Probebohrungen auf umkämpftem Gelände.

Mit Beiträgen von Christoph Michael, Grit Straßenberger, Wilfried Nippel, Bernhard Dietz, Felix Wassermann, Stefan Kühl und Wolfgang Kraushaar

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Soziopolis is an internet platform which meets different intellectual needs, first of all, the wish for daily news about sociology and its related disciplines. By providing a variety of information including notes on events, calls for papers or submissions, conference reports, job offers and new appointments, but also book reviews and press roundups as well as contributions on relevant anniversaries or historic dates and informative portraits of influential social scientists.