Lecture Series: MARX (UN)-LIMITED. Ideology and World Change in China, Russia and Western Europe

The current renaissance in the critique of capitalism and inequality is also a renaissance of interest in Karl Marx. From a historical point of view, probably no other intellectual figure has so moved and at the same time so divided minds in the long twentieth century. Revolutionary movements around the world hoped to find a better future with Marx, invoking his authority to call for or plan change in their societies. Marxist theory travelled to China, Russia, and Western Europe, leading to regional variations of Marxism, each of which had to convey its own reality using Marx’s categories. The lecture series presents various cases of this global reception of Karl Marx and accompanies an exhibition at Hamburg’s Museum der Arbeit [Museum of Work] titled “Capital”, marking the publication in Hamburg of Marx’s best-known work 150 years ago.

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Panel discussion

Karl, was jetzt? Resümee und Ausblick nach 200 Jahren Marx.                                                     Open Space mit Suleika Reiners, Lisa Nienhaus und Aram Ziai                                                    Montag, 26. Februar 2018, 19 Uhr, ermäßigter Eintritt                                                                   Museum der Arbeit - Wiesendamm 3 - 22305 Hamburg