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  • Working at HIS

    In its commitment to ensuring a work environment that is open, diverse, and founded on an appreciation of all individuals, the Hamburg Institute for Social Research (HIS) is guided by principles of eq

  • Sanctioning Capitalists — Protecting Capitalism. Control of Corporate Misconduct from Prosecution to Financial Settlements

    Why were only few executives of big financial institutions prosecuted in the aftermath of the recent crisis? In trying to answer this common question, one uncovers a profound change in the sanctioning

  • Emilia Tschertkowa

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  • Anke Strunz

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  • Paula Bradish

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  • Die Rolle der Rechtsmedizin bei der Aufklärung von Massenverbrechen

    Ruanda, Syrien oder das ehemalige Jugoslawien sind Synonyme für Massenverbrechen geworden, die uns bis heute beschäftigen. Wir erwarten die Bestrafung der Täter und einen würdevollen Umgang mit den Op

  • Siegfried Landshut-Ausstellung

  • Democracy after World War I

  • The Introduction of Women’s Suffrage in Germany and Its Consequences

  • Gaby Zipfel

    Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Research and Culture Phone: +49 40 5247216-83 Send an email