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  • Workshop "Violence, Experience and Order" of the Research Group Macro-Violence

  • The Dynamics of Capitalism 2018

    The Dynamics of Capitalism: Inquiries to Marx on the occasion of his 200th birthday You can find the lectures held at the conference

  • The Institute

    The Institute

  • Protest policing and the escalation of violence during street demonstrations: a comparative perspective

    During the past two decades, protest-events organized around (or against) summits of international institutions such as the World Bank and forums such as G8 and G20 were among the most visible as well

  • Post-Liberal (or post-European?) Russia - Her problems with capitalism and her problems with democracy

    In the late 1980s/early 1990s Russians in their majority believed in capitalism as the most effective and fair economic system, in democracy as the only possible political system and in a close relati

  • Do Labor Court Judges Shape the World of Work?

  • What Is "Good Work" in Europeanized Work Teams? Practical Negotiations on the Shop Floor

  • Case Workers: Survey of Job Center Staff in Hamburg

  • Marx und Chinas große soziale Transformation

    Bis heute bezieht sich die Kommunistische Partei Chinas auf die Theorien von Karl Marx. Der Vortrag zeigt wie während Chinas großer Transformation seit 1949 Bezüge zu Marx in völlig unterschiedlichen

  • Zur Zukunft des Geldes

    Bücher im Gespräch: Theorie des Geldes (Junius Verlag) und Das Versprechen des Geldes. Eine Praxistheorie des Kredits (Hamburger Edition) Die Geldordnung steht unter Druck: Fehlende wirtschaftlic