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  • im Mai: Digital Total

    Streit.Bar will eingreifen – in die städtische Öffentlichkeit, den politischen Diskurs, die gesellschaftliche Debatte darüber, was das Neue an den derzeitigen Problemen ist und wie es weiter gehen sol

  • Dr. Regina Mühlhäuser

    Historian, Hamburg Foundation for the Advancement of Research and Culture Phone: +49 40 5247216-82 Send an email

  • Workshop "Violence, Experience and Order" of the Research Group Macro-Violence

  • The Dynamics of Capitalism 2018

    The Dynamics of Capitalism: Inquiries to Marx on the occasion of his 200th birthday You can find the lectures held at the conference

  • The Institute

    The Institute

  • Protest policing and the escalation of violence during street demonstrations: a comparative perspective

    During the past two decades, protest-events organized around (or against) summits of international institutions such as the World Bank and forums such as G8 and G20 were among the most visible as well

  • Post-Liberal (or post-European?) Russia - Her problems with capitalism and her problems with democracy

    In the late 1980s/early 1990s Russians in their majority believed in capitalism as the most effective and fair economic system, in democracy as the only possible political system and in a close relati

  • Do Labor Court Judges Shape the World of Work?

  • What Is "Good Work" in Europeanized Work Teams? Practical Negotiations on the Shop Floor