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Border Regimes and Violence: Making Borders after Imperialism in Mauritania, Morocco, Algeria and Libya

Location HIS at home | Beginn: 28.08.2018 19:00 Uhr

Experiences of violence and violent forms of politics are often passed on from one generation to the next. Drawing lines of influences from Paris and Madrid to Nouakchott and Bamako;
from Moscow to the Sahel and to Tripoli -- Independence for many post-colonial states of the Mediterranean became one of state-building experiments, independence movements, non-aligned politics of a new nation state and competition and cooperation between non-Western actors. Today however, terrorism and violent acts have become an integral part of the political conversation on the Mediterranean.
In her current research project Rinna Kullaa identifies unresolved border disputes to be among the most pressing topics of these debates on the region. She draws a map of twelve unresolved border disputes in Northern Africa in the 1970s and situates Western European, United States´ and the Soviet Union´s responses and competition to this rubric.

Prof. Dr. Rinna Kullaa is an Academy of Finland Senior Research Fellow and a Visiting Professor at the Department of East European History at the University of Vienna. She is on leave from Global History at the University of Tampere. Rinna leads the »Russia and Great Powers across the Mediterranean 1945-2015« project sponsored by the Academy of Finland. She is an expert for South Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. Rinna is interested in contemporary international relations history and global foreign and security policy of the European Union as well as EU-Africa relations.

Moderation: Dr. Miriam M. Müller-Rensch (Joint PhD), Politologin und Islamwissenschaftlerin; Wissenschaftlerin in der Forschungsgruppe Makrogewalt des Hamburger Instituts für Sozialforschung

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